Access Webex


Webex is a cloud-based collaboration system provided by Cisco Systems that provides a way for people to work together in different buildings, in another city, or across the world. 


Miami partners with Cisco Webex University to provide virtual meeting solutions for faculty and staff on all Miami campuses. Note: Only Meeting Center is available for use by Miami students. There are four types of meetings available:

  • Meeting Center (up to 25 participants) - Allows you to conduct online meetings where you can present information, share documents and applications, and collaborate with others
  • Training Center (up to 1,000 participants) - This service helps you deliver real-time, interactive training over the Web
  • Event Center (up to 3,000 participants) - Allows you to conduct webinars, all-hands meetings, project kick-offs, or press events online so that you can share documents and applications, and collaborate with others
  • Support Center (up to 5 participants) - Remotely diagnose problems, transfer files, and resolve issues for customers. Show customers how to use applications or control their computers

All Miami faculty and staff can have accounts and create meetings.  

Faculty and staff:

When a conference host creates a Webex meeting, participants receive invitations via email. You can sign in by clicking the link in the invitation or you can click one of the links above on this page to view Miami's Webex service.

Support for Webex is provided by Webex support. Access the support tab within the application to use it.