Access MInE


The Miami Information Environment (MInE) provides web access to University Reports.


  • MInE ( is Miami's strategic product for delivering reports over the web to those who need them when they need them. Many of Miami's most widely-used reports are already available in MInE, and more are being added all the time. In most cases, the information you need to work effectively at Miami is already in MInE or will be there soon. Reports are delivered through MInE for many reasons:
    • Information can be distributed electronically to wider audiences. Distributing multiple paper copies is expensive and impractical; electronic information repositories like MInE provide easy access to virtually unlimited numbers of users.
    • Electronic reports can be disseminated more quickly than paper reports, so users have the most up-to-date information.
    • Information can be presented in more useful ways, including 'what if' scenarios, data filters, graphs, and hypertext links.
    • The costs of paper and mailing are eliminated as well as the cost of distribution software used to burst large reports such as the monthly financial reports.
    • Related reports are collected systematically in one location. For instance, financial reports for each month in the year are shown together in one grouping.
    • Report formats in MInE include HTML pages, word processing documents, Excel spreadsheets, text documents, PDF documents and other formats. You can view the information, save it on your computer, and print the information.
    • MInE also contains report jobs or programs that you can run when you need them. Some of these report programs can be customized to tailor information to your needs.

Getting Access

The following authorized MInE requesters may click the green Get Started button to request changes to MInE accounts or to request new MInE accounts.

MInE security

Access to certain reports is selectively granted because Miami, like all institutions, deals with information that is sensitive in nature. While MInE was created to deliver information when someone needs it, not all information is or should be available to everyone. Upholding data security is important regardless of the method used to deliver the information.

  • MInE security is set up so that each individual has access only to:
    • information made available to the public
    • information required based on job responsibilities
    • request access to special reports

If access to special files beyond those which most employees need is essential to your job, your supervisor must request that access from the office that owns the information. That office will in turn contact the MInE administrators at

  • If you are not sure which office owns the information, send an email to The MInE administrators will help you determine the appropriate office/person to contact.

MInE browser recommendations (January 2014)

  • ​Install the Remote XUL Manager add-on for Firefox. See the related articles.
  • PC: Use only Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, or recent versions of Firefox at this time (not Internet Explorer 9, not Google Chrome)
  • Mac: Use recent versions of Firefox only at this time (not Safari, not Google Chrome)