Reset Forgotten Password


If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using one of the password reset options on the MUnet Password Utilities page. If you have not established your password reset options, come to your campus support desk and present your Miami ID. If you are not able to visit a campus location and unable to reset it yourself using the self-service options at the MUnet Password Utilities page, complete and submit the password reset request form.

Using your Password Reset Options on the MUnet Password Utilities page

If you have established a password recovery email, mobile phone number (for text reset), or secret question/answer pair, you can create a new MUnet Password on the MUnet Password Utilities page.

To request a password reset at your campus assistance location 

Oxford Campus

MiTech Service Center (lower level of Shriver Center)
(513) 529-7900

Hamilton Campus

Hamilton Campus Help Desk
304 Mosler Hall
(513) 785-3279

Middletown Campus

Middletown Campus Computing Center
001 Gardner-Harvey Library
(513) 727-3356

Luxembourg Campus

See Student Activity Coordinator or Lab Assistant (both are in the Chateau)

Password Reset Request Form

If you are off-campus or are unable to visit one of these locations, submit the password reset request form.