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The Miami Notebook program  combines the laptop computer you want with the service and support you need. Miami selects and pre-configures a selection of Apple laptops to meet your academic and lifestyle needs for up to four years.


Miami Notebooks are part of a service program to deliver a quality experience and peace of mind:

  • On campus hardware repair - Miami is a certified repair depot for Apple. If you have a hardware problem with your Miami Notebook, certified technicians provide repair services to you under the vendor's warranty, which means there is no charge to you.
  • Loaner Laptops - If your Miami Notebook needs to undergo a prolonged repair while you are on campus, you'll be given a loaner  to use until yours is repaired
  • Pre-configured for Miami - Miami Notebooks come ready for use at Miami and include a variety of tools that are needed to access Miami services and network 
  • Discounts on out-of-warranty repairs - It is our sincerest hope that your computer never needs out-of-warranty service. Unfortunately, our experience shows that no matter how excellent the computer, there are still situations in which you may need help with a repair that goes beyond the warranty (such as removing malware or viruses, installing Windows on a Mac, or upgrading the operating system). Because we know the ins and outs of your computer before you purchase it, we are able to offer reduced prices on such repairs -- many being free. And don't forget you'll have a loaner computer while yours is in the shop!
  • Accidental Damage Protection (Apple) : Accidental damage is not covered by AppleCare warranty but is available with the additional purchase of Safeware insurance.
  • Full service vendor warranty - Traveling during a semester break? Home for the summer? If you need vendor support while away from campus, your Miami Notebook is backed with premium support from Apple. You can have your Miami Notebook repaired by any certified Apple store in the U.S.


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