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  • Students, faculty, and staff use the Miami VPN service for macOS to access internal Miami resources securely from off-campus or to connect to protected IT systems, such as Native Banner
  • Miami VPN for macOS uses the free Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, which can be downloaded and installed from this page


  1. Click the Download and Install button to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client
  2. Launch the AnyConnect client
  3. In the connection field, select one of the following:
  4. When prompted, enter your UniqueID and MUnet password
    • Entering the password will generate a Duo Push to your installed Duo app on your first enrolled device —  if you don't have Duo Mobile installed on a device or you prefer a different authentication method, a comma is required followed by your preferred Duo method. Using a comma after the password will allow the following options: phone, push2, phone2, passphrase, sms, sms2
      • Example: 'password, [Duo option]'
    • Review this KB article for more on how to use Duo authentication in VPN 
  5. Tap OK to connect
  6. After a few moments, the window will disappear
    • Note the Cisco AnyConnect VPN lock icon in the Apple toolbar near the top-right of your screen


  • System Extension for macOS Big Sur will need to be approved for the Cisco AnyConnect Socket Filter
  1. After installing Cisco AnyConnect, click Open Security Preferences when the System Extension Blocked pop-up appears. 
  2. Click Allow when the Security & Privacy window opens. 

Updated 11/13/20


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