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When you contact us, you can expect the following during our operating hours:

Report IT emergencies by calling 513-529-7900 and press star [ * ]

The ticket generated by this form will automatically set the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the lowest level (resolution within 7 days). After it is received, it will be associated with the priority of the active outage and the SLA will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Acknowledgement within 1 hour: to have a support professional review and associate with an active outage.
  • Resolution within:
    • 2 hours for priority 1 ticket
    • 4 hours for a priority 2 ticket
    • 1 business day for a priority 3 ticket
    • 2 business days for a priority 4 ticket
    • 7 business days for a priority 5 ticket

The factors used to determine the priority of the outage are contained in the Prioritization Rubric


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Service ID: 8894
Tue 5/26/15 10:34 AM
Fri 10/2/20 3:07 PM