JetBrains - PyCharm Community Edition


PyCharm is a dedicated Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE) providing a wide range of essential tools for Python developers, tightly integrated to create a convenient environment for productive Pythonweb, and data science development. The community edition is the free version of the IDE with a limited number of features compared to other paid editions.

Capabilities, Benefits, and Key Features

  • Intelligent Python editor
  • Graphical debugger and test runner
  • Navigation and Refactorings
  • Code inspections
  • VCS support

Limitations / Technology Requirements

System requirements:

  • Operating System:
    • 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10, 8
    • OR macOS 10.14 or higher
    • OR GNOME or KDE desktop for Linux
  • 2 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB RAM recommended
  • 2.5 GB hard disk space, SSD recommended
  • 1024x768 minimum screen resolution
  • Python 2.7, or Python 3.5 or newer

What can I expect?

  • Support Tier: Tier 3 - Divisional/Departmental Support: Miami IT resources exist to support the faculty within their respective academic divisions. In most cases, individual users who contact IT Help receive best effort support. If unsuccessful, they would refer the use to contact the instructor of their course. Instructors seeking support for unresolved issues would be escalated to their divisional IT team.

  • Acquisition Model: Direct Download: Software is downloaded to a local computer and installed to run from that specific device.

  • Licensing ModelLocal user license: The license is included with the initial installation. In rare cases, a local license file may need updated periodically to contiue to use the application. Check the entry for that specific application for instructions to do so.

  • Authentication Model: None: No authentication is required after the application is acquired.

Who may use it?

Users in the CEC Linux lab.

How do I get started?

Download the PyCharm starter file from here and follow the provided instructions.

Is there a charge to me or my department?

There is no cost for PyCharm community edition.



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