Atlassian creates SaaS tools to help teams organize and ship software products as efficiently and effectively as possible.

More information on Jira and other Atlassian products can be found here.

Capabilities, Benefits, and Key Features

  • Plan, track, and release world-class software
  • Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place

Limitations / Technology Requirements

Users will need an up-to-date browser and an Internet connection.

What can I expect?

  • Support Tier: Tier 2 - Sponsor Support: If students were to contact IT Help, they refer the user to an individual sponsor, typically an instructor of a given course. The sponsor would work directly with the vendor on any unresolved issues.

  • Acquisition ModelAdministrator Assigned: Designated Miami staff assign individual licenses, typically used when licenses must be individually purchased in order to use the application.

  • Licensing Model: Registered User License: The license is included with online registration.

  • Authentication Model: Miami Single-Sign-On (SSO): Uses Miami's identify and access management to authenticate the user as a current student or instructor.

Who may use it?

Miami IT staff members and certain Miami staff designed by IT Services.

How do I get started?

Users can log in here to access provisioned Atlassian tools.

Is there a charge to me or my department?

Jira is licensed for use by IT Services. Additional licenses will need purchased

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