Students in CSE 385 will use this application for coursework

MongoDB is a general purpose, document-based, distributed database built for modern application developers and for the cloud era. No database makes you more productive.

Capabilities, Benefits, and Key Features

Product Components

  • Atlas Data Lake - Query data in any format on Amazon S3
  • Atlas Search - Simple, integrated search capabilities (beta)
  • Stitch - Serverless platform
  • Charts - Native visualization for MongoDB data

Strategic Initiatives

  • Legacy Modernization - Refresh your legacy application portfolio
  • Business Agility - Accelerate innovation and beat the competition
  • Data as a Service - Make enterprise data an asset instead of a blocker
  • Cloud Data Strategy - Any cloud, public or private, with no lock-in

Use Cases

  • Single View - Real-time views of all your most important data
  • Internet of Things - Analyze and act on data from the physical world
  • Mobile - Mobile app development made fast and easy
  • Personalization - Relevant content presented to all your users
  • Catalog - Product catalogs, asset management, and more
  • Real-time Analytics - Analytics at the speed of your data
  • Content Management - Store, edit, and present all types of content
  • Mainframe Offloading - Move workloads off the mainframe
  • Gaming - Video games that are global, reliable, and scalable

Limitations / Technology Requirements

Free version includes:

  • 512 MB of Storage
  • Shared RAM
  • Highly available replica sets, end-to-end encryption, automated patches, REST API

What can I expect?

  • Support Model: Tier 2 - Sponsor Support: If students were to contact IT Help, they refer the user to an individual sponsor, typically an instructor of a given course. The sponsor would work directly with the vendor on any unresolved issues.

  • Acquisition Model: Registration: Online user account is used to login to the application each time of use, frequently using Miami's Identity and Access single-sign on capability with your Miami UniqueID and password. 

  • Licensing Model: Local user license: The license is included with the initial installation. In rare cases, a local license file may need updated periodically to contiue to use the application. Check the entry for that specific application for instructions to do so.

  • Authentication Model: Independent Registration: The user is required to create an account individually with the application vendor.

Who may use it?

Students enrolled in CSE385

How do I get started?

Students and Instructors visit the mongoDB website and register for an account

Is there a charge to me or my department?

Only the free version is available for use at this time

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