MUVPN / Download Cisco AnyConnect for Linux

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Miami students, faculty, and staff can use this application to access internal Miami resources securely from off-campus or to connect to protected IT systems, such as Native Banner. 

Please note: While IT Services provides a linux VPN client, it is supported as-is. If VPN is critical to your function with a university system, we recommend using a computer with a fully-supported Windows or Macintosh operating system.


  1. Click the green Download and Install button to download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client
  2. Extract the archive file downloaded
  3. Open a terminal window and navigate to the vpn folder within the extracted folder
  4. Run the following command: sudo sh
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the install
  6. Launch the Cisco AnyConnect client
  7. Connect to the following in the Connect to  field and click Connect:
    • for general use
  8. If prompted for Untrusted Server, click Change Settings and then uncheck Block connections to untrusted server and click Close
  9. Click Always Connect and Sign in with your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password
    • Entering the password will generate a Duo Push to your installed Duo app on your first enrolled device —  if you don't have Duo Mobile installed on a device or you prefer a different authentication method, a comma is required followed by your preferred Duo method. Using a comma after the password will allow the following options: push2, passphrase, sms, sms2



  • Cisco only supports Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux distributions

  • Due to Linux being an open-source OS, steps may vary by distro and release


Download and Install


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