Install MATLAB on Linux

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MATLAB is designed to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models.

Students, faculty, and staff may download and install MATLAB on their personally owned computers.

Installation of MATLAB is completed through Miami University's MATLAB portal 

MATLAB Online is also available to use once you have a MathWorks account


  1. Click Get Started.
  2. Click Sign in to get started on the Miami University MATLAB portal
  3. Enter your Miami credentials if prompted
  4. Click Sign In to sign in to your MathWorks account
    • If you don't have a MathWorks account you will be prompted to create one
      • Use your Miami email address in the format of
  5. Click the button to download the latest release e.g. R2020a
    • Previous releases are also available
  6. Click the button for the OS type of your computer the installer will download
  7. Find the downloaded zip file, open it t and extract it
  8. Open Terminal and navigate to the extracted files
  9. Run the following command: sudo sh install
  10. When prompted enter your MathWorks email address in the format and click Next
  11. Enter your MathWorks password and click Sign In
  12. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Next
  13. Select the License MATLAB (Individual)  and click Next
  14. Enter your details to Confirm User and click Next
  15. Confirm the destination folder and click Next
  16. Confirm the products for installation and click Next
    • By default, all products licensed to Miami University will install
  17. Confirm option and click Next
  18. Confirm selection and click Begin Install


Get Started


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