Oracle Password: Changing Your Oracle Password


Note: The Oracle (Banner) password is not the same as your MUnet password, which is used for general Miami resources such as email, myMiami and BannerWeb.

Your Oracle (Banner) password protects important information about all of our University clients, faculty, staff and students, and is considered highly confidential. The Banner system and many other applications are secured by an Oracle (Banner) password. Because of the very sensitive nature of your Oracle (Banner) password, the University Auditor and the Miami University Security team have determined that Oracle (Banner) passwords should be changed at the first login and every 90 days thereafter.


The Oracle Password Utility provides an easy method for changing your Oracle password by logging in with your MUnet password (used for myMiami, email, and most other Miami resources.)  

  1. Cick the green Change Oracle Password button to access the self-service utility
  2. If needed, log in with your UniqueID and MUnet password.
    --The Two-Factor Authentication Required screen appears.
    --If you haven't enrolled in Two-Factor Authentication, you will be prompted to enroll. Please see for more information.
  3. Enter a six-digit single-use verification code and click Submit.
  4. Click I would like to change my Oracle password.
  5. Select the 'Instance' for which you wish to change the password and click Submit.
    Note: The Oracle Password Utility will allow you to change the password for the PROD, DEVL and TEST Instances. An instance is a copy of an Oracle database. The most common instance is 'PROD', the production environment. If you have access to the development instance you can change the password for DEVL. If you are unsure of which instance to choose, please see your Technical Support Representative (TSR) or call the Support Desk at 513-529-7900 for further information.
  6. In the New password and Verify password boxes, enter your new ORACLE password.
  7. Click Save.

Upon completion, an email will be sent to you indicating that your password has been successfully changed. The email will also indicate the instance that was chosen for the password change.

Change Oracle Password


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