Configuring AppPortal Applications and Desktops for Android Devices


Miami's AppPortal Applications technology streams applications to your computer or device, making the application appear as if it is running from your computer or device. This technology relies on Microsoft's RemoteApp and Desktop Services. 

  • If you are using a Mac, iOS or Android device you will first need to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.


  1. Click the Get Remote Desktop button to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the Google Play store.

  2. Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop and choose Remote Resources.

  3. In the URL text box type:
    Note: If copying this URL, ensure there are no spaces at the end when you paste this text.

  4. In the User Name field, enter your Miami UniqueID, prepended with the IT domain and a backslash (\).

    Example: a UniqueID of dorejd2 should be entered as it\dorejd2

  5. In the Password field, enter your Miami password.

  6. Tap Done. A list of remote applications that are available to you should appear in the window.

Display of Miami resources in Microsoft Remote Desktop


Get Remote Desktop


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