Support of Miami-owned computing devices.

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Institutional End User Computing Overview

Support of University-owned computing devices.

University Equipment Tracking

Did you take home some equipment from work to assist you in this extended remote work environment? Faculty and staff may use this form to notify their local desktop support of any University-owned items that have been borrowed.

Request Computer Recycling

Use this form to request the removal of institutionally-owned computers and peripherals from on-campus locations. This service is available on all campuses (excluding Luxembourg).

Request Technology Purchasing Advice

Use this form to obtain advice regarding the purchase of hardware, peripherals and other technologies.

Software for University-owned and personally owned computers may be acquired through the software store or and other Miami and Miami-affiliated websites. If you are looking to purchase a piece of software, please visit and request it through the software store if you don't see it listed.

Technology Support Services: Purchase and/or Deploy a University-Owned Computer

University employees of departments that contract with Technology Support Services for desktop support can use this form to request the purchase, deployment, or redeployment of a university-owned device.