Unable to scroll an ILDA document image on macOS

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  • Unable to scroll through a document image uploaded to macOS from the ILDA
  • How do I add a scroll bar to content I want to view on my Mac?
  • How can a ILDA researcher work around scrolling issues with document images on macOS?



  • Scrolling through an uploaded document image on macOS is sometimes problematic due to a function of the operating system that does not interact well with the intended scrolling feature of the ILDA


  • Use macOS System Preferences to add a scroll bar to any page or content that requires scrolling
  1. Click the (Apple) menu icon at the top-left of your screen
  2. Select System Preferences from the drop-down
  3. Click the General option
  4. Under Show scroll bars, click the radio button to select Always
  5. Close the window




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