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Product Details 

Name + Function NuPark is an application that is used by non-departmental visitors to purchase temporary parking permits and pay for parking citations
Asset Record 306375: NuPark
End-user Visitor (non-departmental) who wants specific parking privileges on campus — see the Visitor section of the Parking and Transportation Permits page

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NuPark: Visitor (non-departmental)

User: Miami University Visitor (non-departmental)
Access Point: End-user
Permissions Visitor — any individual not associated with Miami University — must register and create a parking account
Instructions: Miami University Visitor

Visitor purchases a temporary parking permit

  1. Go to the NuPark portal for Visitor Login
  2. Click the Register link
  3. Complete the form to register as a visitor and create a parking account
  4. Click the Save button
  5. Click the Add New Vehicle button to register your vehicle
  6. Enter the license plate number, make, model, and color of the vehicle you want to register
  7. Click the Create button
  8. Click the Buy Permit button
  9. Scroll to and click the Temporary (daily,weekly permits) option
  10. Click the calendar picker to select the Effective (start) and Expiration (end) dates
  11. Click the Next button
  12. Select the appropriate permit option from the results
    • If you have an ADA/Handicap placard, check the box for Do you have a state-issued disability placard? and upload a copy of the registration for your state-issued disability placard
  13. Scroll down and verify that the vehicle you want to include on your permit is highlighted in red
  14. Click the Next/Save button
  15. Optional: Sign up for free parking alerts from Miami University Parking and Transportation Services
  16. Note that you will be paying by credit card 
  17. Check the box to accept the terms of conditions as given in the Miami University Motor Vehicle Regulations
  18. Click the Next/Save button
  19. Review the information you have given before submitting your permit order
  20. Click the Submit button
  21. Complete and submit your Payment Information form
  22. Print a receipt!



  • Your temporary permission (daily, weekly, monthly) to park on campus is stored electronically under your license plate number and does not need to be displayed on the vehicle — there is no hang tag or sticker
  • You are responsible for knowing when it expires
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Known Errors: User-level
  • Unable to open NuPark in Chrome browser
    • Cause: NuPark uses the SilverLight player, which is not supported by Chrome
    • Applied Resolution: Open NuPark in a Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer browser window

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End-user Support

End-user (Functional) Support A Miami University visitor will interact directly with the NuPark application
End-user is directed to
  • Contact the Parking and Transportation Services office by phone at 513-529-2224 (during business hours) or by email at for questions about the use of or to report issues with NuPark
  • Contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 to submit a ticket: Provide details about an issue you are experiencing and request escalation to the Parking and Transportation Services office (
Request assistance with these user issues
  • I need assistance in using the Parking Services site
  • I need assistance with the payment information form
End-user can find more information



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