Add new connection to Control-M/EM launcher


  • How do I add a new connection to Control-M?
  • How do I set up prod in Control-M?
  • How for I set up test?


  • 10214: Control-M/EM
    • Control-M, EM Scheduler


  • When using the RemoteApps Portal/AppPortal to connect to Control-M/EM environments for Test and Prod, save only the last environment used


  1. Navigate to Miami Resources
  2. Open Control-M 9
  3. On the launcher page, select Environments in the center tab
  4. Select + to create a new environment
  5. For Environment, type Prod or Test as needed
  6. For Hostname, enter:
    • Test:
    • Prod:
  7. For Port change to 8443
  8. Do not update Domain
  9. Save


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