TurningPoint Response Clicker / Register a device for use in a Canvas course


  • How do I register a clicker device for use in a Canvas course?


  • 10678: TurningPoint Response Clicker
    • Clicker
  • ResponseCard or ResponseWare Device ID 
  • Canvas
  • Classroom Technology


  • A ResponseCard or ResponseWare Device ID must be registered to receive credit in class. It is not necessary to use both a ResponseCard and ResponseWare. Check with your instructor before purchasing ResponseWare to see if it is approved for use in your class


Navigate to the Turning Technologies registration link

  • All Turning Technologies functions are performed within the course
  1. Log in to Miami's Canvas site
  2. Select your course from the Courses drop-down menu 
  3. Click the Modules link from the left menu
  4. Click the Turning Technologies link below Turning Account Registration
    • If you don't see this module, contact your instructor


Register your response device 

  1. Enter your ResponseCard or ResponseWare Device ID in the provided field
  2. Enter the Captcha in the provided field
  3. Click Register Device
  4. Review the verification message to ensure that the information you entered is correct
  5. Click Final Submission to register the Device ID
  6. Click Cancel to start over





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