Error Record: Lifetime Email for Alumni sign-up form


  • To identify errors in the Lifetime Email for Alumni sign-up form and provide corresponding causes and resolutions


  • Miami University Alumnus, Emeriti, Retiree


  • 10282: Lifetime Email for Alumni Sign-up Form

Error + Resolution

Error Message Account Already Exists
Affected User / Action Miami University alumnus, emeriti or retiree receives error when attempting to sign up for a Lifetime email account
  • Your Lifetime email account already exists
  • If you graduated after 2009, you already have a Lifetime email account
  1. If you do not know your MUnet password, go to Miami's Password Utilities page
  2. Select the option, Alumni with accounts, reset your password using a non-Miami email address
  3. Follow the prompts to change your password
  4. Go to Miami's email page 
  5. Enter your UniqueID and MUnet password to log in to your Lifetime email account
Error Message Validation Failed
Affected User / Action Miami University alumnus and former employee receives error when attempting to reset password for Lifetime email account, which should have been created automatically
Cause A known error prevents the automatic creation of a Miami Lifetime email account for an alumnus who also worked for Miami; account shows as inactive when trying to reset passwords
  1. Contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 to report your issue
  2. Explain that you are a Miami graduate and former employee who needs access to Lifetime email
Associated Procedure Resolution (AppOps)




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