Duo / Manage the Remember Me option


  • To provide instruction on enabling and cancelling the Remember Me option
  • To provide troubleshooting tips for managing the Remember Me option 
    • When the Remember Me option is grayed out
    • When the Remember Me option may not be working as expected


  • 312306: Duo Security Two-factor Authentication


  • Duo's Remember Me option relies on a browser cookie from duo.com, a third-party site. To take advantage of the option, you must change your browser settings to allow the cookie to be stored on your computer. You must also enable the Remember Me option for each browser and device on which you want to be remembered 


  • Duo's Remember Me option may not work in the following situations:
    • You are using private/incognito browsing mode
    • Your browser does not allow cookies to be stored or blocks third-party cookies 
    • You recently cleared your browser cookies
    • You switched to a different computer
    • You selected Duo Push as your preferred authentication method before enabling the option
    • A recent Operating System or browser update blocks third-party cookies or tracking methods by default or changes previous settings


To enable the option

  • Make sure that your web browser is configured to accept third-party cookies
  • Disable browser extensions (plug-ins) to allow your browser to accept cookies
  • If you enabled auto-push, you must cancel the auto-push option in order to access the Remember Me option
    1. Before you accept the Duo login request, click Cancel on the bar at the bottom of the screen
    2. Click the Remember Me check box
    3. Click the Send me a Push button (or choose another option) to authenticate


To cancel the option

  1. Clear your browser's cookies and cache
  2. Close and restart your browser



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