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  • To answer frequently asked questions about the use of TurningPoint response clicker devices
    • Turning Technologies (Response Innovations) response clicker devices allow students to respond to TurningPoint interactive questions


  • Miami University Students


  • 10678: TurningPoint Response Clicker
  • Classroom Technology

Frequently asked questions 

  • What is a response clicker? A TurningPoint response clicker device is an interactive tool used to do frequent, in-class educational assessment, such as polling and quiz-taking. You may use either a physical clicker purchased from the bookstore, or a smartphone with the ResponseWare clicker app installed.
  • Can I use a clicker device from another vendor (CPS, PRS Interwrite, H-ITT, etc)? No. You must use a Turning Technologies (Response Innovations) response clicker in classrooms at Miami University. Virtual clickers that run on smartphones, laptops, iPods, etc, are also available. A ResponseWare license is required to use a virtual device as a clicker; ResponseWare is available in one- and four-year licenses.
  • Can I buy a clicker from another student? Absolutely. Just be sure to register your device so you can use it in your classes. If the former owner entered personal info into the clicker, simply enter your own information to overwrite it. Access Setup, then User Data, and then Edit.
  • Can I share my clicker with another student? Yes. You and another student can each register and use a single clicker in your respective classes. However, you cannot share a device within the same class — it is not possible for a single clicker to be registered to two students in the same class. 
  • Where can I buy a clicker? You can buy a response clicker device at the Miami Bookstore or any of the bookstores in Oxford. You can buy a virtual clicker from the Miami Bookstore; email Ricardo at ITHelp@MiamiOH.edu for more info.



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