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  • How do I add someone to my site?


  • 10300: myMiami


  • Sites add members depending on the type of site created
    • Open: anyone may join the group
    • Restricted: users may request membership and a community administrator or owner must explicitly approve or deny requests to join
    • Private: members are enrolled by an administrator or owner and the site is not accessible to others


  1. Log in to myMiami
  2. Locate your community in Communities I Have Joined
  3. Select the white Actions button
  4. Select Assign Members 
  5. In the Edit Assignments screen, select Available Members 
  6. In the search box, enter either the Miami UniqueID or name of the person you would like to add
  7. Select Search
  8. Select the checkbox to the left of the person's name
  9. Select Update Associations


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