Delete a Shared Drive (formerly Team Drive) in G Suite


  • How do I delete a Shared Drive?
  • How can I delete a Shared Drive I accidentally created?


  • 10259: Google Drive
    • Shared Drive


  • When you create a Shared Drive, you automatically have manager-level access
    • If you are the only member with manager access, you can delete the Shared Drive
    • If you have given other members manager-level access, you must remove the other manager-members before you can delete the drive


If you created the Shared Drive

  1. If necessary, open the Shared Drive member list and remove the other manager-members
  2. In the Shared Drive directory, right-click the the name of your Shared Drive
  3. In the pop-up menu, select the Delete Shared Drive option
  4. In the confirmation window, click the Delete Shared Drive button
  5. Poof!


If you did not create the Shared Drive

  1. Open the Shared Drive
  2. Check the member list, which is located in the banner, just under the name of the drive
  3. Ask the first person listed — the creating manager — to delete the Shared Drive




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