Check my Duo authentication bypass status for Canvas


  • How do I check to see if I have been bypassed from using Duo authentication from a class?
  • I am a student and I need to see if I have any scheduled Duo bypasses and for which courses


  • Canvas Student


  • 312306: Duo Security two-factor authentication
  • 353015: CAS Authentication Tools
  • 10185: Canvas


  • Instructors may schedule Duo authentication bypass for Canvas for any students enrolled in classes they are teaching
    • This option is available for instructors in the event they give timed exams in Canvas on scheduled dates throughout the semester. To circumvent login issues that could take away from exam time, students may be exempted from Duo for the day of the exam
  • The Duo authentication bypass is only applied to Canvas; no other Miami applications will be affected


  1. Go to the CAS Authentication Tools site 
  2. From the home screen, click My Bypasses
  3. Current Status will state Not Bypassed or Bypassed
    • Scheduled future bypasses will also be listed



  • If you suspect an error has been made, contact your course instructor
  • Contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 for assistance


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