Java / Install Runtime plug-in for Kronos


  • To provide instruction on installing Java Runtime plug-in for Kronos


  • 10279: Kronos Web (application/software)
    • 80162: Kronos (system)
  • University Business App 
  • Java Runtime Plug-in


  • Kronos Time Entry system requires the the use of Java Runtime plug-in, which must be installed on your computer. The Kronos server will attempt to automatically launch a Java plug-in download and installation procedure, if needed. If Java does not launch, follow the instructions below to install the plug-in


  1. If it is necessary to access Kronos from a local web browser, follow these steps in Internet Explorer on a PC or Safari on a Mac
  2. You must be on campus and connected to the wired network to access Kronos: Log in to Kronos using your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password
  3. If the required version of Java is not loaded, you will receive an error message — The Java plug-in failed to load — which will include the required version number 
  4. Click the yellow bar just above the Kronos logo to display a small menu
  5. Choose Run Add-on
  6. At the security warning pop-up box, click Run
  7. Once this is complete, you should be able to log in to Kronos





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