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  • Arrange and launch a MeetMe conference call


  • 10198: Cisco MeetMe
    • MeetMe Bridge Conferencing
  • Cisco IP Phone
  • Conference & Collaboration


  • MeetMe provides bridge conferencing allows you to host a conference call with up to 20 attendees. The conference host (requester) must contact the University operator at least 24 hours in advance to set up the conference. Each attendee will dial a number at a specified time in order to participate in the conference call
  • Because conference participants can arrive in a call unannounced, MeetMe conferencing is not recommended for confidential discussions


Arrange a MeetMe Conference

  1. Complete and submit your request for a MeetMe Conference call
  2. Provide the following information on the ticket
    • Name of host
    • Desired date and time of conference call
    • Number of participants
    • Billing account number if using the toll-free line
  3. You will receive an email with the details of your MeetMe Conference Call.
    • The email will include:
      • Name of person on campus setting up the call, if different from the host
      • Month and date of call
      • The beginning and ending times of the call
      • # of callers expected to participate
      • Billing code for long distance charges, if applicable.
      • The phone number for local participants to dial
      • The phone number for long distance participants to dial, if needed
      • Assigned MeetMe call ID number 
  4. It is your responsibility as host to share these numbers with the conference participants
    • For off-campus participants: Provide the date and time of the conference call, the five-digit MeetMe number, and a dial-in phone number (either the local 513 area code or toll-free)
      • Advise callers to dial the local or toll-free phone number provided; and when the recording begins, to enter the five-digit MeetMe number to join the conference call
    • For on-campus participants: Provide the date and time of the conference call and the five-digit MeetMe number
      • Advise callers to dial the five-digit MeetMe number to join the conference call
  5. You may also book a MeetMe conference call by contacting the University operator during normal business hours
    • Dial 0 (zero) from an on-campus phone or 513 529-1809 from off-campus. If you choose to work with an operator to set up your call, please contact them a minimum of 24 hours prior to your desired date and time
  6. Miami University Operators are available during normal business hours. After hours or on the weekend, call IT Help at 513 529-7900 or email us at


Launch a MeetMe conference

  1. Shortly before actual start time, use an on-campus phone to open the MeetMe conference
    • Anyone with access to an IP phone can open the conference call; however, if the person opening the call hangs up before the host or any participants have joined, the conference line will disconnect when they hang up
  2. Pick up the Cisco IP phone handset and press the MeetMe softkey*
    • From a Cisco (model 7911) courtesy phone, press the More softkey, and then the MeetMe softkey
  3. When you hear two beeps, dial the assigned five-digit MeetMe conference number
    • The conference should now be open



  • *Softkeys are the buttons across the bottom of the LCD screen on the IP Phone; the MeetMe softkey is available only after you have picked up the handset
    • From a Cisco model 7941 phone, pick up the handset and the MeetMe button will appear at the far-right bottom of the screen
  • Advise off-campus callers to dial the toll-free number only if they would incur long distance charges by dialing the local number; any call placed to the toll-free number is charged to your billing account



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