Guide: Desk Phone / Replacement


  • To provide guidelines regarding University desk phone replacement


  • Miami University Staff and Faculty


  • 10716: VoIP 
    • Miami Cisco VoIP System


  • The standard desk phones used by the Miami University telephone system are no longer available and we are changing to new standard phone models. IT Services is developing a system-wide phone upgrade strategy to be implemented within the next several years. Until that time, the new phone models are being installed for break-fix, new deployments, and cases where there is a demonstrated need for features offered by the new phones


  • In the event of a phone malfunction (e.g., broken handset switch, bad display, bad keys, etc.), the following phone replacements will be made:
    • Cisco 7941 (standard desktop phone) will be replaced with a Cisco 7841
    • Cisco 7961 (deluxe desktop phone) will be replaced with a Cisco 8851
    • Cisco 7911 (wall phone, classroom phone) will be replaced with a Cisco 7821
  • In the event of a demonstrated need for higher speed network throughput, the phone will be replaced with a new phone model
    • Note: Phones will not be replaced without a definitive network bandwidth requirement as outlined by IT Services monitoring
  • If the user wants to upgrade their phone from a standard desktop phone to a deluxe desktop phone, a Cisco 8851 will be installed and the monthly charge will be increased accordingly
  • If the user wants a new phone of the same level (i.e., standard desktop or deluxe desktop) but their existing phone is not defective, they will be charged for the price of the new phone as follows:
    • Cisco 8851 phone: $215.25
    • Cisco 8800 Key expansion module (sidecar): $171.50
    • Cisco 7841 phone: $127.75
  • In some cases, a newer model phone will be installed for troubleshooting or other special cases at the discretion of IT Services


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