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  • I need to know how to do a thing in a Miami-supported application
  • I want to request a new Knowledge article
  • I searched the Knowledge Base, but I couldn't find the information I need. Can you add an article to the KB?
  • I need to know how a Miami technical service or tool works. Can I request a procedure article?


  • Miami University Faculty, Staff, Students



  • Faculty, staff, and students can request the addition of fresh content to the Knowledge Base


  1. Go to the Request new Knowledge form
  2. Follow the prompts to complete your request for new content
    • Topic or Issue: What is the topic or issue that you want us to address in a new KB article?
    • Describe the content: Be specific about the content you want to see in the KB
    • Viewing Permissions: List the groups that should have permission to use this new Knowledge (ex., Faculty, Staff, Students)
  3. Click Request



  • A request for new Knowledge is not a request for support — if you need assistance, contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 
  • While we’ll do our best to answer your request, we can’t guarantee that the Knowledge you want to see will be added to the KB. Most KB articles contain answers to FAQs, step-by-step instructions, or work-around procedures for known errors — info that is repeatable, reliable, and frequently discussed among our users. In other words, we add Miami-specific Knowledge based on relevancy and potential usefulness to the majority of our readers
  • Contact your friendly neighborhood KB manager by, if you have questions


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