Enroll a landline for use with Duo

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  • How do I enroll a desk phone?
  • I want to enroll my landline for use with Duo


  • On 19 December 2018, Duo Security was implemented as the system-wide, two-factor authentication security application used at Miami University
  • This policy affects all current Miami University students, faculty, and staff
    • Miami's alumni, retiree, and emeriti populations are not required to enroll in Duo and will continue to use their Miami password
  • Answers for frequently asked questions about Duo Security


  • All current Miami University Students, Faculty, and Staff
    • (Miami's alumni, retiree, emeriti, and former student populations are not required to enroll in Duo)


  • 312306: Duo Security Two-factor Authentication
  • Desk Phone (landline)


  • Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your Miami account. It allows you to verify your identity using a second factor — your smartphone or other mobile device, U2F device, or landline — and prevents anyone else from logging in to your account
  • Duo works with all landlines by supporting authentication via callback


  1. Open a supported browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 (or later), or Opera
  2. Log in to any Miami University system using your UniqueID and MUnet password​​​​​​​
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Unenrolled users will be prompted to enroll in Duo
  3. Click the Start setup button
  4. Select Landline as the type of device you want to add
  5. Enter the area code and phone number of the desk phone that you are enrolling
    • A green check-mark is confirmation that you have entered the number in the correct format
  6. Verify that the phone number is correct, and check the box to confirm that you have entered the correct number 
  7. Click the Continue button
  8. On the My Settings & Devices screen, modify your authentication method, if necessary
  9. Click Continue to Login to complete your enrollment
    • You will receive on-screen verification that you have enrolled successfully
  10. Click the appropriate button to authenticate your identity and complete your login




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