Notice of Intent / Decommission of Users, Units, and Orgs services


  • To notify users of our intent to decommission Users, Units, and Orgs services
    • All internal pages currently being hosted on Miami servers will be removed, including all and sites

Notice of Decommission

  • IT Services is planning to retire the service in 2021
    • The exact date is being finalized
    • Users will not be able to access the service after this date
  • If you have questions, contact the Security, Compliance, and Risk Management team at 
    • We are currently looking at ways to determine what content should be kept and moved to a separate server, and what will be removed as part of this shutdown


  • Miami University Student Organizations, Departments, and Offices


  • Content management tools like Cascade and Wordpress, which are available for use by student organizations, departments, and offices, reduce the need for the University-hosted sites
  • Increasing maintenance costs for University-hosted sites
  • Evolving IT security practices


  • 12610: Users/Units/Orgs Web Services
    • Users, Units, and Orgs Services



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Mon 5/14/18 9:36 AM
Fri 5/27/22 1:01 PM
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