TDX / Access or request permission to view a TDX report


  • To provide instruction on accessing a TDX report that you do not own when:
    • You do not have permission to view a report in TeamDynamix


  • TeamDynamix has three levels of visibility for reports:
    • Global: All signed-in users can see the report
    • Just me: Only the user who created the report can see it
    • People in these groups: Users included the list of a selected group
  • Only the report owner may grant viewing permissions to a report


  • University Business Apps
  • 10374: TeamDynamix (TDX)


  1. Access the production TeamDynamix interface
    • If you do not have permission to access the tab under which the report is listed, ask a TDX administrator to locate the report and follow these steps to identify the owner
  2. Locate the report 
  3. Click on the title of the report
  4. Click the Action button
  5. Select Show Details from the drop-down
  6. In the Report Details window, locate the name listed as Owner of the report
    • Click the name for contact information
  7. Contact the owner of the report and request that your group be added to the report
    • Permissions to view a report can only be granted to groups, not individual users
    • If you want to view the report as an individual user, ask the owner to add you to the scheduled email distribution list 


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