AnyConnect VPN / Download intermediate certificate for VPN, wireless for Android



  • 10393: VPN Client
    • Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Android 7.X and higher


  1. Open this article on your device
  2. Download the InCommonRSAServerCA 2 cert to your Google Drive 
    • On Android 7.1 and higher:
      1. In the resulting window, enter AnyConnectCert as the certificate name 
      2. Click OK
      3. To verify successful download and storage, go to Settings
      4. Select Security
      5. Select User credentials and look for your AnyConnectCert 
  3. Go to Google Play Store to install AnyConnect on your Android device
    • If you already have AnyConnect on your device, uninstall the app to clear all settings and then reinstall
  4. Open the AnyConnect app on your device
  5. Tap OK to accept the license agreement
  6. On the Virtual Private Network screen, select Connections
  7. On the Advanced Preferences screen, select Add New VPN Connection
  8. On the Connection Editor screen, select Description 
  9. Enter muvpn as the name for this connection in the Description field and tap OK
  10. Select Server Address
  11. Enter in the Server Address field and tap OK
  12. Tap Done
  13. On the Advanced Preferences screen, select your connection
  14. On the Virtual Private Network screen, toggle AnyConnect VPN to On to connect
  15. Enter your UniqueID and MUnet password and tap Connect



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