BitLocker / Launch the encryption process on a Windows laptop


  • To provide instruction on launching the BitLocker encryption process on a University-owned Windows laptop when:
    • A prompt that reads BitLocker drive encryption is required to help secure the data on drive C: is displayed on your computer screen


  • 199772: BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • University-owned Computer
  • Windows


  • Miami security policy requires all University-owned laptops to be encrypted, unless specific exceptions have been made with the IT Security Office


  1. To begin encryption, press the Start button
  2. A window will display the progress of the encryption process
    • This window can be closed at anytime and encryption will continue
    • If your computer goes to sleep or you turn it off, encryption will be paused until you turn on the computer is again



  • A grace period in which you can postpone the encryption process will be allowed in order to reduce inconvenience. However, when the period has expired, the encryption process will begin immediately
  • There should be no noticeable computer performance difference while the encryption is taking place or when using the computer after encryption
  • We suggest postponing until just before you leave work for the day, then start the process and leave your computer running overnight, as it can take several hours depending on your computer



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