JMP Pro / Activate license


  • To provide instruction on locating and activating the JMP Pro 14 software license on macOS


  • 335461: SAS JMP
    • JMP Pro
    • JMP Pro 14
  • Software for Personally Owned Computers
    • macOS


  • The license is located in the JMP Pro 14 folder with the installation pkg


  1. Using the Finder, open Downloads
  2. Double-click the JMP Pro file to unzip the installer
  3. Once the file has expanded, double-click the JMP Pro 14.dmg file
    • The file will expand into the JMP 14 folder: The folder contains the actual installer and license file
  4. Click the JMP Pro 14.pkg and follow the on-screen instructions
  5. Open Finder and select application
  6. Double-click the JMP Pro 14 application
  7. In the Provide Your JMP License dialog box, select Open License 
  8. Under Devices in the left-hand column, select SAS JMP Pro 14 
  9. Select SAS JMP 14 License File for MacOS.txt
  10. Select Choose


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