Employee Account / New UniqueID appears with string of numbers in Google app


  • To provide instruction on resolving a new employee account error when:
    • You add a new-hire to a Calendar appointment, they show up with numbers attached to their UniqueID, i.e., smithjm4182


  • 11357: Google Workspace
  • 10262: Google Mail (email e-mail)


  • The new employee has not logged on for the first time and accepted the Terms of Service (TOS)


  • Do not add someone to Calendar appointments if the employee hasn't signed in and accepted the TOS yet; it can cause the extraneous numbers to be permanent
  1. Instruct the new employee to follow this link, log in with their Miami credentials, and accept Google's terms of service
  2. Wait 24 hours — the numbers should disappear





Article ID: 28225
Tue 3/28/17 9:25 AM
Fri 11/4/22 9:43 AM
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