Webex / Create a meeting (portal)


  • To provide instruction on setting up a Webex meeting


  • 10199: Webex
    • Cisco Webex Portal
  • Conference & Collaboration


  • Miami's site license for Webex allows all Miami faculty,staff and students to have Webex accounts and to host meetings 
  • Anyone can attend a Webex meeting without an account as long as they have a valid link to the meeting and log in no more than five minutes before the start of the meeting or before the host has started the meeting


  1. Go to Miami University's Webex portal and select the Sign In link
  2. Sign in with your Miami email (UniqueID@MiamiOH.edu) and MUnet password
  3. Click Schedule
  4. To create your meeting, complete the required fields on the Schedule a Meeting form
  5. Be sure to select correct Date and time 
    • Note: Default is current date and time (plus five minutes)
  6. Add Attendees: Separate email addresses by comma or semicolon
  7. Open Show advanced options 
    • Verify your Audio connection options (Webex audio or VoIP)
    • Add Meeting agenda
    • Select additional Scheduling Options
  8. Click Schedule or Start
    • A confirmation email will be sent to your email address and an invitation is sent to the participants



  • Recordings of Webex sessions are subject to categories or retention described in the Miami University Records Retention policy manual. If a meeting is recorded, it is the responsibility of the organizer to ensure that the recording is correctly retained
  • For comprehensive product information and support documentation, search Cisco Webex Help Center
  • Cisco provides end-user support for Cisco Webex
    1. In the Webex portal, locate the left-panel menu and click the WS link to access Webex Support
    2. Make your selection from the left-panel menu 
      • Or click Contact Us  at the bottom of the menu to reach Webex technicians


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