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  • Contact MiTech about the security status of my personal computer
  • Contact MiTech about hardware repair or software services for my personal computer
  • Where is MiTech located?
  • What is the phone number for MiTech?
  • I dropped off my laptop yesterday and want to check on it
  • I want to check my bill for MiTech
  • I need a status update on my MiTech computer repair
  • How do I get my computer battery serviced?
  • How long is the warranty on the Macbook that I purchased through MiTech?
  • My laptop is running slowly, and I'm not sure if it is compromised
  • My computer screen goes to a black screen upon startup and will not boot completely
  • Mac laptop goes to a white screen upon startup and will not boot completely
  • The speaker on my laptop is broken. When I can drop by and get it fixed?
  • My computer will not power-on
  • How do I get my computer battery fixed?
  • My laptop keyboard is malfunctioning — I need warranty service
  • My MacBook Pro screen is broken and needs to be replaced
  • I got a computer on campus just a couple months ago, and now it won't turn on
  • The light on my YubiKey doesn't flash to indicate that it's ready to submit a token


  • MiTech Computer Services Center
  • Personally-owned Computer
    • macOS
    • Windows
  • Personally-owned Device
    • YubiKey


  • For security evaluation, hardware repair, or software services for your personally-owned computer:
    • Stop by MiTech on the lower level of the Miami University Brick & Ivy Campus Store in Shriver Center, Oxford campus
    • Or contact MiTech by phone at 513 529-2600 — listen for the correct prompt




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