Kronos / Unable to access via RemoteApp (AppPortal)


  • To provide instruction on troubleshooting access to Kronos via RemoteApp or Windows when:
    • You cannot log in to Kronos via RemoteApp
    • You are unable to access Kronos via AppPortal in Windows


  • 10711: Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
    • RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  • 10673: AppPortal Applications
    • 80162: Kronos
  • Windows
  • University Business Apps


  • Note: Kronos is only accessible from a wired professional network
  1. Select Start and enter Control Panel in the search field
  2. In the Control Panel, double-click on RemoteApp and Desktop Connections
  3. In the most recent update field, click View details
  4. Select Update now
  5. If prompted, enter your Miami credentials as follows:
    • Your username in the format IT\<UniqueID>
    • Your MUnet password
  6. Click OK in the lower portion of the window
  7. Restart your computer and try accessing Kronos again



  • Miami University IT Services COVID-19 Response: Kronos is available in AppPortal to all Kronos users without network restriction during COVID-19
  • Kronos is not accessible from any wireless connection, including MU-WIRELESS and MU-GUEST
  • Kronos is only accessible from a wired professional network
  • Disable wireless connection, if necessary



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