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  • My instructor asked me to sign up for a Chalk & Wire account, but I don't have a subscription code
  • I am an instructor and need to request a Chalk & Wire account
  • I need to get into Chalk & Wire. It is asking me for the subscription from the University, but I don't have one
  • I am student-teaching. I don't really have a professor who is asking me to use Chalk & Wire — who can make this request for me?
  • My Chalk & Wire account expired after last semester, and I need to have it reactivated
  • I cannot log in to my Chalk and Wire because the account is expired
  • I need a renewal code for my Chalk and Wire account


  • Chalk & Wire e-Portfolio


  • Chalk & Wire accounts must be requested by a faculty member or department administrator
  • If your account has expired, you must request a new Chalk & Wire account


  1. Student-instructor or student: Ask your professor, a department administrator or faculty member, or your supervisor to submit a request for your Chalk & Wire account
  2. Faculty or administrator: Complete and submit your request to have a student account created in Chalk & Wire
  3. Click the Add UniqueID Request link in the left panel
  4. In the UniqueID field, enter your UniqueID
  5. From the Term drop-down, select the appropriate term
  6. From the Account Type drop-down, select the Assessor (requires department below) option
  7. From the C&W Dept drop-down, choose the appropriate department




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