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  • I can't download to a local drive in Native Banner
  • I'm receiving the error, FRM-92091: unexpected fatal error in client-side Java code
  • I am trying to run a report and it will not save the file to the correct path that i am telling it to


  • 10306: Banner 8 Production
    • Native Banner
  • AppPortal


  • Local drives are not available in AppPortal, so you must save to network space


  1. Determine where you want to save the file: your G or M drive
  2. In Native Banner, go to File and then Preferences
  3. Click the Directory Options tab
  4. Enter a valid file path in the User Value for the Local directory saving output group in a format similar to  m:\folder\secondfolder or g:\folder\secondfolder
  5. Click the disk icon beneath the File menu to save changes



  • File and directory names in Banner are case sensitive, so be sure that the case of all characters in your filepath in Banner match the path in your network space
  • The data extract format is WEBUTIL


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