Canvas course name does not show cross-listed sections


  • I cross-listed the sections on my published course, and the name did not update to show additional sections
  • I renamed my courses several days ago, but the name has not updated to show all sections
  • I want to rename my Canvas course
  • I combined my courses and the course name is not showing both courses


  • Canvas Instructor


  • 10185: Canvas


  • You cannot manually change the name of your course
  • If your course is not for the current or immediately following term, the names are not updated
    • Example: During fall term, courses for fall and winter terms are updated
  • The crosslist process was not completed correctly


  1. Go to People and verify that students from all sections crosslisted are listed
  2. The course number and sections will update overnight after crossing
  3. If course title is not updated overnight, call IT Help at 513-529-7900 and submit a ticket



  • eLearning Miami (ELM) offers Canvas training and guides
  • For all pedagogical issues, contact eLearning Miami | ELM at 513-529-6068


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