ChatGPT (50-249 users) / Guide


Each of these applications is owned by a director of technology to ensure the use stays within the approved uses or to help navigate the expansion of its use and compliance with any new requirements that expansion might bring. Contact Joey Koontz with any questions or concerns about the use of this application at Miami.

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  • 1288111: ChatGPT
  • 1289750: ChatGPT
  • 1289752: ChatGPT
  • 1289753: ChatGPT
  • 1289754: ChatGPT
  • 1289756: ChatGPT
  • 1289759: ChatGPT
  • 1289760: ChatGPT
  • 1289761: ChatGPT
  • 1289765: ChatGPT
  • 1288112: ChatGPT
  • 1288113: ChatGPT
  • 1289764: ChatGPT

Limitations / Technology Requirements

Applications within this portfolio provide standalone value in support of the educational mission. These applications are often used by individual faculty and students to conduct research, to collaborate, and to gain a deeper understanding of how technology is used in the real world.

These applications are not part of a broader service managed by IT, such as Zoom or Gmail. Each specific application in this software library has a unique use case. This article exists to help the campus community navigate that portfolio. Each application contained here:

  • Meets accessibility requirements given the current use case
  • Meets security requirements given the current use case
  • Contains terms and conditions deemed acceptable for Miami students and staff
  • Defines a support tier for addressing questions and problems
  • Defines an acquisition method to specify how it is licensed and installed (local, cloud, remote, etc)
  • Defines the authentication method used to access the application, if needed


Approved Use Cases

  • User Count: 50 - 249 users: Between 50-249 users related to Farmer School of Business
  • General Use Case: Teaching: Teaching in the classroom or in support of class activity

What can I expect?

  • Support Tier: Tier 3 - Divisional/Departmental Support: Miami IT resources exist to support the faculty within their respective academic divisions. In cases where individual users contact IT Help, they will receive best-effort support. If unsuccessful, support will refer the user to contact the instructor of their course. Instructors seeking support for unresolved issues will be escalated to their divisional IT team
  • Acquisition Model: Registration: Online user account is used to log in to the application each time of use, frequently using Miami's Identity and Access single-sign on capability with your Miami UniqueID and password 
  • Licensing Model: Local user license: The license is included with the initial installation. In rare cases, a local license file may need to be updated periodically to continue to use the application. Check the entry for that specific application for instructions to do so
  • Authentication Model: None: No authentication is required after the application is acquired



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