ADP Tax Integration / User Instructions


  • To provide instructions on using ADP Tax Integration Data Export files


  • Finance & Business Services IT/Payroll


  • ADP Tax Integration is a Laravel job that will export employee's demographic, wages, deduction & end of the year tax document data from the Banner into the ADP system.  This extract of data will be uploaded to ADP via the SFTP site
  • The data that transferred to ADP server will be loaded to the ADP system. Finance & Business Services will utilize the services of ADP Smart Compliance to pay Miami's withholding taxes throughout the year on Miami's behalf



  • AppWorx Jobs:
    • Periodic Job: ADP-TAX-PERIODIC-FILE
    • Quarterly Job: ADP-TAX-QUARTERLY-FILE
  • Files transferred to ADP:
    • Periodic Export PRODUCTION Environment File name: 
    • Periodic Export TEST Environment File name: 
    • Quarterly Export PRODUCTION Environment File name: 
    • Quarterly Export TEST Environment File name: 
    • [date] is in the format of "Ymdhis". So, January 17th, 2023 11:54:53 would be 20230117115453 



  • For technical issues reported by the Finance & Business Services IT/Payroll department, route the ticket to Application Operations


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