Procedure: GitLab / Authenticate to the container registry


For development and testing purposes, you may need to pull container images created in the Build Images Pipeline project locally. To do so, you must authenticate to the that project's container registry. At a high level, users must generate a GitLab personal access token and then authenticate. These steps, when completed, will grant container image pull access to any GitLab container registry the user has rights to.

For general details, see [Authenticate with the Container Registry](


  • Solution Delivery Developers
  • Application Operations


  • 1068805: GitLab (SaaS)


  1. Generate a personal access token by following the steps in Create a personal access token, or use an existing one if you created one in the past
  2. Run the command: 
    • docker login --username
  3. When prompted for the password, enter your Personal Access Token
  4. You should then see the message Login Succeeded



  • The authentication object is saved to the file $HOME/.docker/config.json.



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