Wired Network / Connect my gaming console to the Internet for multiplayer games


  • To provide instruction on:
    • Registering your device for the network
    • Connecting your Gaming Console to the Internet using a Public Accessible Internet IP address
      • This connects your Game Console to the Internet in a way that may correct problems with certain features on some games


  • 10131 Internet Access
  • 9583: Access Network
    • MU-Gaming
    • Miami Network
    • Wireless Access Point
  • Network Registration
  • Personally Owned Gaming Console


  1. Gather information needed prior to starting
    1. Follow these KB instructions to locate the MAC address for your gaming console
  2. Log in to Miami's MU-Gaming Device Registration page using your UniqueID and MUnet password
    1. Click Add
    2. Enter the name of the device or you want to register 
      • Please do not include any special characters in the name. The page will return an error if there is a special character in the name or description
    3. Enter the device MAC address for Device ID
      • You should use the "wired" or "Ethernet" MAC to register your device. (Do not use wireless)
  3. Submit your request 
    • Note: It can take 15 minutes for your registration to be completed
  4. When you have completed your registration, connect your console to the Ethernet port on your residence hall room WiFi Access Point



  • The Ethernet jack is located (depending upon orientation) on the side or the bottom of the Wireless Access Point
  • Gaming for Call of Duty or any game requiring incoming access is ONLY supported on the Miami wired network.  Wireless is not supported
  • You will not receive notification from the system about the device registration
  • Due to the way the software performs the task it will always say pending, even after completion 
  • Also see:


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