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  • To provide instruction / information on hiding one's self view in Webex Meetings


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  • 701048: Cisco Webex Meetings


  • Whenever possible, participants in remote meetings should use either their laptop’s integrated camera or an external webcam to show themselves.  The rationale behind this is that non-verbal communication such as nodding, smiling, and leaning in can be quite useful in conveying meaning.  Additionally, including a visual representation can convey the message that one is prepared for the meeting and willing to fully participate.

    There is an issue that has been identified with extended looking at oneself during virtual meetings.  One can feel stress over one’s appearance or by the feeling of being “stuck” in a small visual cone.  Fortunately, the vendors of the virtual meeting environments used at Miami have enabled a function to hide one’s self-view from oneself while allowing others in the meeting to see their video.  This document shows how to perform this function in the Webex environment.


  1. Click on your self-view and select “Show my self view in a floating window." 
    A Webex meeting with a highlighted self view showing the menu options.
  2. Navigate to the upper left hand corner of the floating window and select the icon to minimize the window.
    A Webex meeting with a user's self view in a floating window with window options shown



  • Follow this link to the Cisco support site for technical and end-user information



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