Webex / Guide to use of Education Connector features and tools in Canvas


  • To provide guidance in setting up and using Webex Education Connector features and tools in Canvas
  • To provide guidance in scheduling and conducting a Webex session in Canvas 


  • Canvas Instructor


  • 10185: Canvas
  • 10199: Webex
    • Cisco Webex


  • Webex allows instructors to present information, share applications, and collaborate on projects; stage large-scale online events; and deliver highly interactive and effective online training and e-learning
  • Miami's site license for Webex allows faculty, staff, and students to host Webex meetings
    • Your account (license) is automatically set up


Enable Webex in Canvas


Set up Webex Education Connector features & tools

  1. Go to Cisco Webex in your Canvas course left navigation menu
    • NOTE: This set-up process will need to be completed for each course
  2. Check the features that you want to be available for your course and select Apply
    • Each of your selected features will appear as its own tab
  3. Authorize with LMS: Authorize the Webex Education Connector before you start to use its features: Enter the same credentials you use to sign in
  4. To activate Webex Meetings Attendance Grading, select Turn on
    • You can award participation points to students automatically when they attend a meeting or class using the Webex Education Connector
  5. To activate the Reminder Bot, select Turn On and select the amount of time before your class you’d like the reminder to be sent
    • The Reminder Bot will post a message to the Webex Teams space before a Webex meeting is about to start for that class or meeting


Use Webex Education Connector features & tools

Use Classroom Collaboration

  • Cisco Webex Education Connector Classroom collaboration is an easy way to message a classmate or student, chat with a group, and share files in which you're collaborating


Create a team
  • In Cisco Webex Teams, teams help you keep everything organized by categorizing multiple spaces under a common theme
  1. The first time you go to the Classroom Collaboration tab from the Webex Education Connector in your course, sign in using your Webex Teams credentials
  2. Select Create Team


Create a space
  • In Cisco Webex Teams, all work takes place in spaces where you can send messages, make calls, have video meetings, whiteboard, and share files
  • Spaces work best for a group of people collaborating on a specific topic or single project
  • A general space with all the members of your team is available by default
  • Create a new space with multiple people or message someone directly:
  1. Select Create Space to create the first space
  2. To make additional spaces, go to Webex Teams and select Spaces
  3. Select + Create New Space
  4. Enter a name for the space and select Create Space


Send a message
  • When you send a message to a person for the first time in Cisco Webex Teams, you create a conversation just between the two of you; the next time you message that person, your conversation will pick up where you left it
  • When you send a message to a space, all the members of that space can see your message
  1. From the Webex Education Connector in your course, go to Webex Teams and select Spaces
  2. Select the space to which or the person to whom you want to send a message
  3. Compose your message and press Enter


Share a file
  • Use Classroom Collaboration to easily and quickly share a file, lecture notes, or a group project
  1. Drag and drop the file into the message area
    • Or you can click + Attachment and select the file
  2. Select Share to send the file


Use Meetings

  • Create and schedule a recurring or one-time virtual meeting with students or other instructors:
  1. Select + New Meeting
  2. Choose Meeting, Training, or Event
  3. Enter a descriptive title for the meeting
  4. Select the Meeting Date, Duration, and Recurrence
  5. Select Create Meeting


Use Office Hours

  • Schedule and host office hours using the Webex Education Connector
  • The dates and times are available under the Office Hours tab
  • Select a time when your students can meet with you
  1. Set the meeting duration: Go to the drop-down under Availability and select 15 mins increments, 30 mins increments, 45 mins increments, or 60 mins increments
  2. Set the appointment buffer: Go to the drop-down under Block Off Extra Time and select 15 mins before & after, 30 mins before & after, 45 mins before & after, or No buffer
    • An appointment buffer is there in case meetings run over or you need breaks between meetings
  3. Select the days of the week and the times you want to host office hours; the blocks of time are then highlighted
  4. Scroll down and select Save
  5. Your students can then select a time to meet with you
    • You will receive an email with the meeting link and see the meeting in your Upcoming Meetings list
    • When a student selects a time to attend office hours, the appointment isn't available to anyone else


Use Analytics

On the Analytics page, you can see:

  • The number of Webex Team Spaces that have been created by you and your students
  • The number of meetings that have been scheduled
  • The total number of Office Hours booked


Use Recordings

Record your meeting
  1. To record a meeting in Canvas using Cisco Webex as the host, start your meeting and then enable Recording
  2. Once the meeting has started, click Meeting on the Webex Meetings toolbar in the upper-left corner of the screen
  3. Click Start Recording in the Meeting drop-down list to enable recording
  4. Click Stop Recording in the Meeting drop-down list


Find and share recordings
  1. Sign in to Miami's Webex site
  2. Select your preferred view:
    • For Modern View, click Recordings
      • Modern view is recommended
    • For Classic View, click My Files and then My Recordings 
  3. Locate the video file and click the Download button to save it to your computer
    • Note where the file is saved, if you want to add it to Canvas or share it
  4. To post the MP4 file of the recorded Webex meeting to Canvas, use the Record/Upload Media button on the Rich Content Editor toolbar within a content item (i.e., page, assignment, discussion, or quiz)



  • For comprehensive product information and support documentation, search Cisco Webex Help Center
  • Cisco provides end-user support for Cisco Webex
    1. In the Webex portal, locate the left-panel menu and click the WS link to access Webex Support
    2. Make your selection from the left-panel menu 
      • Or click Contact Us  at the bottom of the menu to reach Webex technicians



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