Zoom / Download and add meeting recording to My Media for long-term storage


  • To provide instruction on downloading meeting recordings from the cloud
  • To provide instruction on uploading the Zoom recordings to Kaltura My Media


  • 754229: Zoom
  • 10185: Canvas


  1. Download Zoom Recordings from Miamioh.zoom.us
    1. Navigate to miamioh.zoom.us and log in using your Miami credentials
    2. On the left menu, click Recordings
    3. On the Cloud Recordings tab, locate the recording you want to download
    4. Click on the More down arrow option menu and select Download
      • Two files will generally be available, as all Zoom recordings are captioned
        1. MP4
        2. Captions
    5. The download files should appear in your Downloads folder on your computer, unless you have changed the default download location
  2. Add Media to My Media
    1. At the current time you must activate My Media in a Canvas course in order to add media to your My Media repository
    2. This Canvas Guide article offers instructions on using the Course Navigation Menu to add Kaltura's My Media to the navigation menu
    3. Upload file into My Media in your course​​
      1. Click the My Media link in the navigation menu
      2. Click the + Add Media button, and follow the prompts
  3. Make your videos visible to your students
    1. Select Course Gallery in your course site
    2. Check the box next to the video you want to publish
    3. Select +Publish



  • For comprehensive product information and support documentation, search Zoom Help Center


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