Zoom / Login instructions for students


  • To provide instruction on logging in to Zoom when:
    • You receive an error when attempting to join a Zoom meeting in Canvas


  • 10185: Canvas
  • 754229: Zoom


  • When logging in to Zoom for the first time in Canvas, you must authorize the connection


  • To fully participate in Zoom meetings for class sessions, you will need to join through your Miami account instead of a personal one or when you’re not logged in to Zoom at all. These instructions walk you through how to ensure that you’re logged into Zoom
  1. Make sure you aren’t using an “alias” or personal email in Canvas
    • An alias email is a MiamiOH.edu email that you specially requested and is different from your official one. You can use it or a personal email address as your primary email within Canvas; however, Zoom will only recognize your “official” MiamiOH.edu email address, so you’ll need to switch back to it. Here’s how:
    1. Log in to Canvas
    2. Click the Account icon at the top-left side of the page
      • You will see a pop-up menu
    3. Click the Settings link
      • Your account settings in Canvas will be displayed
      • Your email address will appear on the right side of the page or near the bottom, if you have a smaller screen
    4. Click the star icon to the right of your official Miami email address, which appears when you hover over it
      • This will remove the star next to your personal or alias email; the starred email is the one that’s active in your Canvas account.
  2. Do not try to log in to Zoom via Google
    • Your Zoom login is tied to single sign-on (SSO) through your Miami University credentials
    • Always be sure to select the Sign In with SSO option when you're logging in to the Zoom app
      • Do not select Sign In with Google
  3. Log in to Zoom through the desktop app rather than your browser
    • When you click a link to join a Zoom meeting, a new tab will open, and the desktop app should launch — Zoom Client for Meetings
    • Do not click the message link — If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser — in the tab
      • Instead, make sure that you have the desktop app downloaded and installed — it will launch for your meeting
    • See Zoom / Install on a personally owned device or Zoom / Install on a University-owned computer. If you experience issues downloading, installing, or running the desktop app on your own computer or a University-owned computer, contact IT Help by phone at 513-529-7900 or by live chat at MiamiOH.edu/ITChat
  4. Make sure that you're logged in to your Miami account in Zoom’s desktop app. Follow these steps before you join your Zoom meeting
    • If you have more than one Zoom account, the desktop app may have you logged in to your non-Miami one. Here’s how you can check to figure out if this is happening:
    1. Click the Zoom icon on your computer to launch the app
      • On a Mac, it’s in your dock or Launchpad
        • If you’re currently logged in to Zoom, you’ll see a dashboard with your upcoming meetings
        • If you aren’t logged in, skip to Step 3
      • On a Windows computer, it’s on your desktop or in your program files
        • If you’re currently logged in to Zoom, you’ll see a dashboard with your upcoming meetings
        • If you aren’t logged in, skip to Step 3
    2. Check your login by clicking your profile icon in the top-right corner of the window.
      • A drop-down menu will open, and near its top, the email address for the account you’ve used to logged in will appear below your name.
        1. If it isn’t your MiamiOH.edu email address, click the Sign Out option at the bottom of this menu and go to Step 3
        2. If it is your MiamiOH.edu email address, your Zoom app login isn’t the issue — no need to continue with this step
    3. Click the Sign In with SSO button in the Zoom app’s Sign In window
      • Remember: Do not try to sign in to Zoom with Google.
    4. In the resulting textbox, enter miamioh 
      • Correct: miamioh.zoom.us
    5. Click the Continue button
      • A tab in your browser will open to display a Miami login page
    6. Use your Miami credentials — UniqueID and MUnet password — and have your phone handy, in case you need to authenticate with Duo
      • You are logged into the correct account on your Zoom desktop app
  5. If you can’t add the Zoom desktop app to your computer (or you don’t have wifi), join Zoom meetings on your mobile device
    • If you dial in to a Zoom meeting or join it from a browser on your computer, you won’t be tied to your Miami account
      • In addition, you may not be able to respond to polls, participate in chat, add nonverbal feedback, or see shared screens/files
    • If you don’t have access to your computer during a Zoom meeting or you can’t add the Zoom desktop app to it, download the Zoom app for your mobile device, and use it to join your meeting



  • Visit Zoom Service Status for a real-time status overview
  • For comprehensive product information and support documentation, search the Zoom Help Center
    • Zoom has a Contact Support option on the Zoom Help Center page
    • Zoom offers many video tutorials that cover a broad range of topics


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