Guide: Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Spring 2020)


  • To provide information about Adobe Creative Cloud suite licenses that have been provided to students in all classes, Spring 2020
  • To provide information about Adobe Creative Cloud suite licenses that have been provided to all staff and faculty, Spring 2020
  • To provide instructions on installing Creative Cloud software on a personally owned computer
  • To provide a directory of links to Adobe support, tutorial, and user resources for Creative Cloud products


  • On 19 March 2020, Adobe provided licensing to students, staff, and faculty for installation of the Creative Cloud suite of products on personal computers
    • Read Adobe's response to COVID-19: a commitment to providing support and resources in a time of crisis
    • Adobe reserves the right to change the agreement at any time and remove the subscription
  • Personally owned computers only
  • This offer expires on July 6, 2020


  • Miami University Student, Staff, Faculty
    • Personally owned computers only


  • 197283: Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Personally Owned Computer
    • macOS
    • Windows


Licensed Software

Adobe Creative Cloud suite for Miami University users
includes the following licensed software
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Rush Adobe Character
Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition
Acrobat DC Adobe Bridge Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe InDesign Adobe Lightroom Classic Adobe InCopy
Adobe XD Adobe Dimension Adobe Prelude
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Fuse CC
Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Animate and
Mobile Device Packaging
Adobe Muse CC


Associated Procedure 

Important Note: If you are already signed into Creative Cloud using an account other than a company or school account with Miami University credentials, you may not be entitled to all of the Creative Cloud applications

  1. Go to Adobe to download and install your Creative Cloud apps
  2. Click Sign In to the Creative Cloud website
    1. Sign in to Adobe requires Miami University credentials
    2. If prompted, choose the Company or School Account option
  3. Click Download on the first application required
    1. If prompted to accept the Permission may be required condition, click OK to continue
    2. When the installer has been downloaded, follow the instructions provided by Adobe to install the application


Product Support


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